Session One: Introduction to the Summer Academy Wiki
  • Please go to the wikispaces website by clicking the link
  • If you already have an account, please type in your username and password
  • If you do not have an account with wikispaces, please click join at the top of the page
  • Follow the online directions to create an account on
  • Join the LV Summer Academy Wikispace
  • We will have a brief introduction on how to create materials on the wiki

Wiki Examples: DI Wiki and Classroom Example

Session Two: Updating Your Schoolwires Account

Session Three: Introduction To Skype

What can you do with Skype?
Skype will allow you to:
  • network with other instructional technology teachers
  • connect students with experts worldwide
  • connect students who are learning similar & related content
  • allow parents to see their students presenting
  • allow students who are absent a chance to participate
  • allow teams of teachers to meet virtually
  • allow administrators to connect with classrooms from their office
  • become the "teacher as facilitator"